My name is Austin Schwartz, and I'm currently a Software Engineer at Snap Inc. I studied Computer Science at Purdue University, graduating with a BS and MS in 2017. I've previously interned at Facebook, Enova, and Interactive Intelligence, working on projects ranging from a code coverage tool integrated with travis-ci and github to a fully functioning indoor positioning system (working on everything from front-end/back-end to training and testing machine learning models).

If you're at all interested, I occasionally post on some websites. I cook a lot, and post whatever looks decent to my Instagram. I retweet what mostly ends up being cat pictures on my Twitter. I keep a logging of whatever books I read or want to keep track of on my Goodreads. I track the music I listen to on You can also find my code on Github and although I haven't really used it, I'm also on Keybase. Some more information about me is available on my LinkedIn.

I also keep track of whatever books I'm currently reading + the past few books I've read on this website, at the books section, and of course, the writing section will have whatever posts I've made in the past.

Feel free to reach me at I'm currently not looking for work, but I love meeting new people.